Dranit Queen


Enormous and ancient, the Dranit Queen is the single most important being in the hive. She is the only reproducing member of the Dranit community and all other Dranits serve her with slavish devotion. Her most notable feature, setting her apart from other Dranits, is the expansive, branch-like set of antennae protruding from her head like a crown. Otherwise, she appears as an enlarged version of a regular Dranit. Her abdomen is perpetually swollen with developing eggs.

Having spent her life surrounded only by those who obey her instantly and unquestionably, the Queen can be rather overbearing and tyrannical. Interactions with those who do not instantly volunteer to fetch her pickles and ice cream or who do not battle to the death for the privilege of rubbing her feet can be confusing and off-putting to her.