Cera O’Malley


Cera O’Malley’s parents were SSDC employees assigned to a deep space research ship as technicians and bodyguards. While on a survey mission in the Andromeda Galaxy, the ship suffered some form of disaster, causing it to crash land on the planet of Trell. Young Cera was the only survivor.

Trell was an undeveloped planet used as a shelter for pirates and criminals, and wracked by conflict between warring factions of Dranit. Cera grew up as a scavenger and petty thief on the fringes of this society.

One day, while trading for supplies in Batertown, she observed a strange (and wealthy looking) Mutzachan being followed and accosted by another pair of off-worlders. Sensing an opportunity, she interceded to help the Mutzachan. The situation escalated quickly, and resulted in two dead mystery men, and a mortally wounded Mutzachan.

The Mutzachan never gave his name, but pressed his case into Cera’s hands, warning of “extreme danger” and begging her to “get it to the right people”. Despite the dying alien’s protests, Cera immediately opened the case (Fotts, am I right?). Inside was a gun of a type and sophistication she had never seen before.

Then the gun began talking to her…