Presence of this species has caused great turmoil throughout the Alliance. The criminal genius Dr. Ernie Freiberg seeded the planet Delphix-9 of the Netas Hydri star system with this hybrid species of synthetically manufactured, intelligent, life forms developed primarily from Human and rabbit DNA. These creatures were deposited on Delphix-9 after it was annexed by the Alliance, but before the Human exploration ship Purveyor prepared it for colonization. The Alliance faced a quandary when they discovered a flourishing species of sentient, man-sized, rabbit-like life forms inhabiting the planet.

Fott are synthetic, but have been produced to meet all the criteria of sentient life. As a result, the Fott automatically became Alliance citizens, and therefore were entitled to the inalienable rights of any other sovereign species. After this debacle, the Alliance senate amended the Social Sanctions Act of 2072 to exclude life forms that are not native to annexed worlds or were altered after annexation from its protections. Fott are not well liked by other species in the Alliance and have caused great dissension among its citizens.

Freiberg has imparted certain predispositions into Fotts through his genetic manipulation. They are extremely aggressive, dangerous, reckless, and easily provoked by anger. They are also intelligent, naturally curious, and adaptive. Fott possess an innate knowledge about technology in the form of genetic memory. As a result, certain skills and knowledge are transferred genetically from parent to offspring. They excel at learning new technologies and integrating them into their culture. Most Fott don’t seem to mind that they were artificially created. They are unable to hold ill will toward their creator despite the fact that their entire reason for existence is to annoy and burden the Alliance. No doubt, ‘Uncle’ Ernie pre-programmed this lack of inner-conflict about their existence into their psyche.



The Fott have developed industrial technology at an amazing rate thanks to their genetically implanted skills. They did not develop the concept of currency until integrated into Alliance society, previously having bartered with each other for supplies and equipment. When the Alliance annexed the planet, the Fott began consuming and adopting Alliance technology with abandon. As a result, Fott society has become a mish-mash of different tech levels. This has sometimes produced dangerous and unpredictable accidents and violence on Fott colony worlds, and some have likened it to giving small children particle weapons as toys.

Fott prefer to live in rural, agrarian communes growing their own food and being anti-social or suspicious of outsiders. It is not uncommon however to find Artificial Intelligence and automated systems controlling things, while PADS (Perimeter Anti-Personnel Defense Systems) and K-Sats (Killer Satellites) protect the commune.

Physiological Makeup

Fott are able to jump great distances. When they need to move in a hurry, they jump rather than run, much like a Kangaroo. The species is prolific and can reproduce about once every two months. Fott fur is extremely flammable. Lasers, thermatics, and pulse cannons are particularly dangerous. Fott won’t go anywhere near a flamethrower. They are omnivores.